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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bush & Cheney's Tax Returns... A Closer Look??

At times in American history the level of corruption has reached such epic proportions that it becomes almost impossible to reveal the truth about the massive corruption that is ongoing to the American people. They just refuse to believe it. That it could be that bad.

However, one thing that gets the attention of the American people, and they will believe it, is the amount of money being "skimmed, embezzled" by their leaders.

Al Capone owned just about every arm of government, and jury trials were exercises in futility. However, his downfall was his "tax returns", the failure to report all of his income.

The same could apply to Bush and Cheney with the recent release of their tax returns. There is no way the figures presented are an accurate reflection of the money made over the last year.

Maybe Bush and Cheney's downfall will begin with a close review of their tax returns.


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