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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Time Is Right To Speak Truth And Call Bush's Hand

Senator Feingold was "gold" today ..... putting the truth on the line and calling Bush's hand.

His presidential stock definitely went up today, and not just among liberal Dems ... true conservatives do not like big government listening in on them any more than liberals.

Feingold has taken the initiative, and will reap the rewards that any Democrat could have had if they had gone to the floor of the Senate first and delivered this message.

It takes a clear voice and clear message to connect with the American people, and until they hear both they are likely to remain confused, and unwilling to make any big changes.

Democrats need to step out and be bold. People are waiting to hear an alternative --even if it will require their sacrifice, to get this country back on track.

We need to go hard against the corrupt, including not giving our own a free pass if they have engaged in wrongdoing. Integrity comes from doing the right thing, and doing the right thing is never wrong.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the time is right to step out, be bold, and provide an alternative to Bush and the neo-cons, not be Republican-lite.

Another point worth noting .... in this culture of corruption that Congressional leaders have allowed, it is pretty clear that people like Sibel Edmonds(national security whistle blower) who have information on members of Congress and the WHite House should be free to disclose that information to any member of Congress, and not subject to a "state secrets" gag order.

Evidence is evidence. Either it is trustworthy and reliable or it is not. What member of Congress is going to avoid clearing his name with an allegation of bribery pending against him? Does it instill confidence in that member of Congress when they stand silent?

This really cuts to the heart of the corrupt practices allowed to go on in Congress today.

The Bradblog.com has an exclusive on Edmonds and the $500,000 Speaker Denny Hastert received from Turkish interests in amounts less than $200 each, so that they would not be required to report them.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


To hear President Bush, you would think the tax cuts are helping to lift all Americans prospects, and fight poverty by reinvigorating our economy.

However, as these fast facts show, the truth is just the opposite ....

FACT — POVERTY RATES HAVE INCREASED UNDER BUSH: The poverty rate has risen each year since 2001, with 12.7 percent of the population now living in poverty. African-American poverty has risen from 22.7 percent in 2001 to 24.7 percent in 2004, and child poverty has gone from 16.3 percent in 2001 to 17.8 percent (1.3 million children under the age of 18). [U.S. Census Bureau, Aug. 2005, Tables B-1 and B-2]

FACT — BUSH TAX CUTS TARGETED AT HIGH-INCOME HOUSEHOLDS: The tax bills enacted since 2001 “have helped high-income households far more than other households,” according to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities. Households with incomes exceeding $1 million have received average tax cuts of $103,000, “an increase of 5.4 percent in their after-tax income.” But in 2005, the bottom fifth of households “will receive an average combined tax cut of $18 from these bills, raising their after-tax income by 0.3 percent.” [Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 10/17/05]

It is hard to argue with these findings. Did anybody tell President Bush??

Tip of the hat and thank you to thinkprogress.com for bringing these facts to our attention.

Let's Take A Status Check

You decide to show up and petition your government leader, say George W. Bush, and
--you cannot get in without being prescreened and determined to be a supporter of the president, signing a loyalty oath, and having received a ticket;
--you have a ticket and decide to attend to hear the president speak, but you drive your car with the democratic bumper sticker, and you are stopped and ejected from the event;
--you decide to appear and hold your sign which says impeach Bush,
so you are ushered to a metal caged area several blocks away, labelled a "free speech zone", out of sight and voice range, and placed under video surveillance;
--you decide to show up early to the site where Bush will speak to scout out a good location to protest, and you accidentally step inside an area the secret service has deemed a security zone, and you are arrested and charged with a felony under the Patriot Act, even though no one you wish to protest is even on the premises;

So your right to petition your government and engage in constitutionally protected protest is effectively suppressed.

YOu decide to watch the press use their 1st Amend right to ask the president questions, and get answers to those questions:

--Bush does not do unrehearsed press conferences;
--Bush does not answer questions he does not know about and filter in advance;
--Bush does not allow access to press members who do not report favorably about him;
--Bush refuses to allow Mike Wallace to interview him, or even speak to him;

So since you cannot effectively petition your government, and the press cannot effectively ask Bush questions, you decide to organize with others who are concerned like you:
--your telephone conversations are secretly listened to by NSA and other government agents without a warrant;
--your mail is opened by homeland security and read before being taped shut, stamped opened by the government, and delivered to you;
--your organization is infiltrated by government undercover spies, most recently if you were vegetarian, a librarian, or a peace activist associated with the Quaker religion.
--you decide to use the internet to discuss your interests and concerns, and your web surfing and emails are turned over by your isp to the government;

So you decide to use your right to vote to express your will in the democracy you call home:

--you are turned away from voting because you are wrongly identified as a felon in Florida;
--you are turned away from voting in Georgia because you do not have a picture ID card;
--your voting precinct has only 2 voting machines for thousands of precinct voters, which takes hours of standing in line to use, and which machines break down several times during the day;
--you use a touch screen voting machine which continuously registers your vote for Bush even though you are trying to vote for Kerry, and you cannot get a paper receipt showing how your vote was counted;
--you are given a provisional ballot to use and later the provisional ballot is not counted;

So how do you like the status of your constitutional rights so far?

If you said just fine, you are just the kind of citizen our present Administration is looking for.

If you said not at all, you might be still living in the past when the government existed to serve the people and we all had constitutional rights preserved to us.

It is good to take a status check every now then to realize just how many of our constitutional rights have been whittled away.