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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Where Does Fitz Go From Here?

Rove is in real trouble for basically the same reasons Libby was indicted. His date with indictment is not avoided, just delayed.

The real target here is Cheney, which is clear from the factual recitation in the Libby indictment. Cheney was a source for Libby, knew Libby was lying for 2 years and said and did nothing. Cheney headed up the WHIG. Cheney is in this game in a big way.

Then the real issue becomes clear, what did Bush know and when did he know it, and who will "roll over" on him for their own self-interest.
The prospect of serving prison time has a way of helping you make up your mind about cooperating with the prosecutor. This would explain why Bush is in such a foul mood --he knows what he did, and how much trouble he could be in if his house of cards does not hold up.

So how does Fitz get from here to "there?"

Here is one plan. Offer Libby a deal he cannot refuse, reduced prison time, and squeeze him for every factual tidbit and get him on record under oath before the grand jury. Take that information and turn another top WH official with knowledge who has not been indicted for perjury and false statements like Libby, and get them on the record under oath, and squeeze them for their contacts.

Slowly build the framework of those who informed and observed Cheney and Bush first hand, who can testify to what was said and done consistent with what we know to be true.

Libby is toast. Rove is next. Cheney will likely resign. The big question is whether Bush can stay insulated. Right now his only card to play is the "dumb" defense, that "I was out of the loop." IF it works to avoid criminal charges, it makes Bush look incredibly out of control as President and very weak.

The story is gonna come out, the question is will anyone other than scooter take the fall. I think they will, and sighs of relief that certain people were not indicted yesterday are way too premature.

One indisputable fact that should send a chill through Rove and all the other Plamegate targets --Fitzgerald has rented office space across the street from the courthouse where Scooter will be tried and/or sentenced.

Fitz misses his bed in Chicago, but he is planning to be in Washington for an extended period of time to wind up this affair. The fact Fitz is securing office space cannot be spun, and should scare everyone with potential liability in this matter.

This is very bad news indeed for the WH and the inhabitants thereof.


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