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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

GOP Corruption Presents Democrats With Opportunity

We need to recognize that there is an opportunity being presented here which Democrats must take advantage of in the next 12 mos or it will be lost.

The culture of corruption is breaking out into the open all over. Ohio, Kentucky, Delay Indictment, Frist insider trading, Plame Investigation, etc. People are beginning to see the consequences of having corrupt leaders in both a raided treasury and lost lives. Those in power are beginning to be exposed as saying one thing and doing the opposite.

The opportunity presented to Democrats is to present a clear choice to voters in the mid-term elections. Democrats need to take an unambiguous stand in favor of truth, integrity, and against not only corruption, but the appearance of corruption.

This can be done if Democrats insist on promoting only candidates who are "squeaky clean" and far from known corrupt influences. Democrats must not only field clean candidates, they must speak out against corruption wherever found -- including inside its own organization.

It is impossible to point the finger of condemnation at corrupt Republicans if our house is not first put in order.

I know any kind of self-criticism is not looked upon kindly in a time of such Republican corruption and abuse. But we must clearly demonstate to the voters that we will not tolerate corruption and will set a different standard if our candidates are elected. Otherwise, plenty of Democrats will be painted with the same "culture of corruption" brush right along with Republicans.

Disaffected voters fed up with corruption will either vote for Democrats, or they will "drop out" and not vote at all. If they do not vote, you can be sure partisan Republicans will and we are in for more of the same.

This window of opportunity will not remain open long. Let us hope our party leaders and supporters will recognize it for what it is, and not let it slip away.


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