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Monday, August 01, 2005

One Possible Scenario . . .

If Congress decides to hold hearings on the Plame outing, then offers of immunity to evildoers cannot be far behind. The Watergate grants of immunity for congressional testimony stand as precedent for following this game plan.

However, there is one possible scenario ...

Fitzgerald discloses his evidence BEFORE the guilty parties have an opportunity to testify before Roberts' Senate Select Committee on Intelligence -- that way they have nothing to testify about which could be the consideration for an immunity deal.

So there they are under subpoena to testify before the Senate Committee, and subject to questions from DEMOCRATIC SENATORS about matters they would rather not discuss, including their knowledge of what Bush knew and when he knew it. However, they have to come up with something that Fitz does not have to save their own skins from criminal prosecution, and they can't pick and choose which questions to answer. (Rove under cross examination would be worth the price of admission!).

So there is Bush, with underlings about to spill the beans on him. My guess is Bush decides to pardon everyone concerned "for the good of the country, so we can move on to the people's business." But he cannot pardon himself.

Will enough Repubs in the House vote to impeach their imperial leader? Maybe. Remember Bush is a lame-duck, and after all the dirt becomes public showing Bush lied, they just might. If they did, Bush would almost certainly resign rather than risk conviction by the Senate. Plus resignation would make issuance of a pardon for him easier for whoever takes over.

Cheney should go down with him, leaving the Speaker of the House to take over for the remainder of the term. Which could be interesting since mid-term elections in 2006 could result in a DEMOCRATIC Speaker of the House acting as President.

None of the above will happen without a fight, and you can be sure that Bush & Co will use everything at their disposal to remain in power.


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