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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What Really Worries the White House Is Not the Rove Revelations

What really has the WH worried is not the Rove revelations -- but rather the fear(likely well-founded) that Fitzgerald has hooked up with a modern day "deep throat" inside the WH who is feeding the really damaging dirt on this corrupt Administration.
Rove is a political advisor. He can informally advise without the title, the salary, and an office in the WH.
The real threat is that of a "mole" inside the WH, and you can bet that there have been several intensive internal sweeps to smoke him/her out.The biggest problem in locating the mole is they already made so many enemies demanding lockstep loyalty to corrupt leaders, everyone inside the WH is a suspect.
There was a rumor that Colin Powell was believed to be a "mole", unhappy about having been hung out to dry in peddling false accusations to the UN to justify war on Iraq, creating a permanent stain on his exemplary military career record. His conduct since leaving the Administration has been mixed, which is not good enough for Bush/Cheney/Rummy/Rove. They are particularly vexed over his failure to endorse Bolton as Bush's nominee to the UN Ambassador post.
Smart money is on someone else passing the dirt on to a media source with the condition that it be perserved, but not revealed, until a future date -- because as soon as it is revealed, by its very nature the source will be outed.
Conscience is the most likely reason a "mole" has been created inside the WH. We have to hope that the "dirt" being passed is "gold" as far as content, accuracy and verifiability are concerned, and that the source will remain undiscovered and unidentified until the day the revelations are made public.
Also unlike the Woodward/Deep Throat situation, we hope the mole has multiple copies of his information stored in multiple locations, and a backup plan for the information to be distributed to more than one media outlet in the event of his disappearance and/or death.
As we watch the WH clam up over the Rove allegations, we should ask "What is the WH really afraid of coming out?" It is more than Rove. Much more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you are right about the new Deep Throat and the protection of having multiple copies.

But Queen Elizabeth managed to persuade Diana's butler to destroy the video tapes she left with him - possibly talking about the EYES WIDE SHUT connection between the Royal Family and the elite in satanic secret societies?

How do we protect Whistleblowers and honest prosecutors like Patrick Fitzgerald, if the CIA asked Fitzgerald to investigate the Plame outing it may offer him some kind of protection if the non-Bush, Sr. CIA would really begin fighting back if something happens to Fitzgerald or his family.

The Bloggers should do more in having a list of Clinton/Bush, Sr. and Jr. murders like the Promis Software people,

Officer Teakey who would not stop investigating the planned demolition in the Oklahoma bombing,

Danny Casolaro and his connection to an investigation damaging to Bilderbergers Clinton/Bush as well as writing The Octopus,

Ray Lemming who had the goods on Feeney in the 2004 vote rigging scandal, the police said it was suicide but someone posted a morgue photo showing Lemming had been severely beaten;

the Mena drug trafficking murders, esp. of those who refused to stop investigating the deaths of the teenagers who stumbled on Bush's major drug trafficking airport and the deaths of Bobby Seal and torture murder of those who continued investigating;

Gary Cardoci and his son in the plane crash with the Franklin child sex slave photos scattered all over a farmer's field and collected and hidden by the FBI,

the Hunter Thompson murder after Gannongate broke,

David Kelly, WMD investigator who testified that Blair lied about the official report to Parliment and like Thompson let a friend know there were "dark people" surrounding him;

Gary Webb, book on Iran-Contra with possibly a follow-up with evidence of Israeli GOVERNMENT involvement in major drug trafficking in South America, multiple gunshot wounds to the face,

the horrible death of Troy Boner after he appeared in an emergency room in 2003, terrified, holding the DeCamp book saying it was going to get him killed AND THE NEXT DAY Troy was found in his hospital room with blood running from his mouth and the coroner said it was unknown causes; Troy had been forced to recant as a child and after his brother supposedly died in an accident while playing Russian Roulette though Troy said his brother was afraid of guns, Troy felt guilty and came forward much later and said that the FBI let him know it was a case of lie or die if he revealed Larry King's child prostitution ring and Bush, Sr. among other top officials use of the children and the entrapment of Congressmen to own their vote and on and on and advised Troy as they did Rusty Nelson to disappear.

We should be sure to protect our Whistleblowers who are still alive like Sibyl Edmonds on her site JUST A CITIZEN she sounds worried in her article, I'M JUST GAGGED, I'M NOT DEAD, YET and ends the article with those words.

What about Rusty Nelson being transferred out of state and his attorney the brave John DeCamp who wrote about the Franklin Scandal and Coverup who is worried about his client's life since Rusty Nelson has been threatened in prison;

and it is hard to find any current information on the unbelievably courageous Alisha Owens who testified to the truth about the Bush involvement in child sex slavery the day her brother supposedly hung himself in his jail cell -why was he there? Was it protective custody because he was one of the child victims? Alisha was sentenced to 15 years more than Larry King who is out for his embezzlement of millions and although he was convicted of years of torturing John Bonnaci.

Alisha was finally out on parole but was rearrested when Gannongate broke?

Keep these names in front of the bloggers and let the Whistleblowers know we haven't forgotten.

I wish that I could remember the name of the Naval officer who went public with the knowledge that 100 of Bin Laden relatives were snuck out of the country after 911 -

What were Osama bin Laden's Carlyle Group war profiteers doing in the Ritz-Carlton with an appt. to meet with bush later that evening another coincidence or a celebration when Flight 93 was to murder all of Congress and Martial Law declared.

The Naval officer was forced to resign after going public and the bush regime first called it an urban legend but later admitted that the bin Ladens were allowed to leave without being questioned by the FBI and the reason why so many were waiting to meet with bush on 911 is still unexplained.

10:03 AM  
Blogger The Revolutionary said...

You certainly raise enough evidence of people turning up dead to question if they can all be "coincidences."

My advice to anyone who intends to take on the mantle of a whistleblower is to make lots of copies stored in numerous places, by different individuals so that no one individual knows where all the copies are, make sure at least one or more are in the hands of foreign press, and prepare in advance for your own private witness protection program.

Sad to say but true, all of the above are necessary when you are up against corruption which takes no prisoners.

11:05 AM  

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