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Thursday, July 14, 2005

What is Fox News Up To?

A few thoughts.

Fox reporting on the Rove Scandal is not surprising. It is THE story right now, has caught the public's attention, and their typical audience of rightwingers are tuning into the rest of the MSM now that the WH press corp has shown signs of life on this issue.

First, It is about marketshare.

Second, we all know there is a direct line between Rove and RNC to Fox News. What is going on now with this type of report is "conditioning" of the troops to accept the inevitable -- Rove is going to have to resign.

Third, the typical rightwing neocon response to being caught redhanded doing exactly what they denied they were doing is to find a sacrificial lamb to offer up to the public, and claim absolution for the sins of all the other culpable characters. Same as Abu Graib, say it was a few low level soldiers that dreamed up the abuse, find them guilty, and absolve everyone else higher up. Here if Rove's resignation is inevitable, might as well make him the scapegoat and claim everyone else is in the clear.

Fourth, Bush & Company did not adopt the strategy of stonewalling because they suddenly respect the criminal investigation process. They know what is coming -- and the best case scenario is Rove resigns("for the good of the country") and they put space between Rove and the rest of the WH.When Scottie is non-responsive for three straight days to WH press corp questions, and cannot bring himself to say Rove's name in expressing the President's continuing support of Rove you know this is serious. When the President suddenly clams up after making numerous statements in support of Rove in the last 2 years, and tough talk about how he would fire leakers, then you know it is serious.

Fox News has been given the bad news, is trying to help manage the WH solution to this problem as they always do, and is trying to keep their "loyal Repub viewers" after this whole fiasco comes out.A common principle in damage control is to be first to address the bad stuff before a prosecutor announces the goods on your guy. It gives you a chance to "spin" what is to come, but not yet announced to the public.

If Fitzgerald hits other WH officials (like Bush, Cheney, Rummy etal) this could be a real disaster for the "true believer rightwingers" because it hits the issue of national security which is so dear to their hearts. A watergate-like exposure of this WH could hit Fox News like a ton of bricks -- so Fox News is already in survival mode by adopting this line of appearing to recognize reality.


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