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Monday, July 18, 2005

Is Uncle Dick in Big Trouble?

The Bush Official which may be in the most trouble may not be Rove, but rather "Uncle Dick".

((Anyone have any quotes by Cheney on the Plame scandal??))

Cheney may have orchestrated the whole thing on his own, and Rove might have stepped in and tried to create protection for WH by cultivating journalists as fake planted sources.Notice the distance b/t Rove and Cheney?

Bush has a real problem, who does he love more -- "Uncle Dick" who got him all the money deals with oil and defense contractors, or "Turdblossom" who tried to fix the problem and is the brains behind the WH. ("It's hard")!

"Uncle Dick" soon will likely be unavailable to Fitz and the grand jury because he is working out of his undisclosed underground bunker on national security, or his health may take a turn for the worse which will not allow him to answer questions which might cause him stress. And don't rule out new military action in Syria and/or Iran as a reason for not having time to cooperate.

The turmoil behind the scenes at the WH may be whether those outside the neo-con cabal have cooperated with Fitzgerald and given up those inside the neo-con cabal. My money is on Powell, who was caught redhanded with the memo in his hand on the plane to Africa with Bush Officials, as the cooperator with Fitz. Powell is not going to put his behind on the line to save these neo-con nuts who shut him out of all policy and planning for the Iraq war -- but used him to put out trumped up phony evidence to the UN in support of a resolution for war on Iraq.

If this scenario is true, you can bet that neither Rove nor Cheney is willing to take the fall -- and a power struggle behind the figurehead President is playing out even as we speak.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new London bombings occurred about 30 minutes ago. Blair and Bush really want to declare Martial Law. How can we stop them?

Many people have written that the cornered Beasts of the Bush Regime are most dangerous now and 7th fire.com has a photo of a snarling hyena with the same concerns.

If the International Criminal Court is now indicting 6 or so British Warrent Officers which I believe is one of the highest ranks on murder of innocent Iraqis in their custody, will they be will to go after the Bush cabal.

Is there an internaional police force? Interpol? Can the Pentagon be successful in arresting Bush/Cheney as they tried and failed to do with Clinton for giving military secrets to the Red Chinese, possibly an order from Bilderbergers or blackmail.

Clinton placed Monica in the Pentagon to find out what the Flag Officers had planned and managed to murder most of them and the French Secret Service managed to protect the others.

The Flight going to Paris that went down in the water outside NY and was never solved by the FBI with citizen video camera evidence of a missle hitting the plane that was filled with the top members of the French Secret Service. France has nuclear weapons. What access does NATO have to nuclear submarines, etc.

I hear Europe is furious over the Depleted Uranium as well as other bush regime crimes.

The International Tribunal on Iraq had a document HOW TO HELP AMERICANS PREVENT GEORGE BUSH'S WAR CRIMES and I read on Rep. Conyers blog that the 82 Airbourne testified to the atrocities they were forced to commit at Fallujah.

How to get these monsters physically out of the White House and away from the awesome Weapons of Mass Destruction America owns - what if the Pentagon ordered the rest of the military not to obey Bush/Cheney's orders to destroy American or British or Syrian or Iranian or Venezualan cities.

Not at all funny, no popcorn for me but prayers and hope.

10:15 AM  
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