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Friday, July 01, 2005

How to Identify Bush Nominees for SCOTUS

First identify factors, then assign weight, multiply and read result. It is that easy!

Factors: Must be a Republican(the right kind of Republican), Pro-Corp/Business, Pro-Fundamentalist Christian, Anti-Environment, Pro Neo-Con (view of world as our own treasure box to be opened with our military by divine right), Pro NRA, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Stem Cell, Particularly Pro-Oil, Pro-Pharmaceutical, Pro-Banking and Insurance, Anti-Consumer, Pro Globalization, Pro Draft with appropriate exceptions for the rich and their kids, Pro No Bid Contracts for their friends and buddies, Pro Activist Justices in favor of the conservative agenda, Anti-voting rights, Anti-Campaign Finance Reform, Pro Labor Exploitation, Anti-New Deal Programs, Pro Rights and Privileges Contraction in favor of Security, Pro Constitutional dismantlement, and Pro End of term limits for Republican Presidents and Congressmen. And finally, someone with a definable record on the above so he gets the SCOTUS justice his contributors and supporters bought and paid for.

Did I leave anything out??

Weight: Apply 1 point for each of the above.

Of course no one potential nominee is likely to embody each of the above factors. The selected nominee will only have to agree to follow all the above to get the job.

After all, George learned how this is done when his daddy(G.H.W.B.) deep sixed his own abortion stand to become Ronald Reagan's VP. Some people can become anything to get what they want -- should definitely be a quality of Bush's nominee for SCOTUS.

Another approach to identifying the Bush nominee for SCOTUS is to imagine a bad nominee, then add a dozen or more bad attributes to this person, then make a lack of conscience a requirement -- and presto! You have Bush's nominee!!


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