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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bush to Fitz: The Race is on re: Iran/Contra Defense & Pardons For All

This quote from WP today is what has forced Bush's hand:

". . .special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald has asked not only about how CIA operative Valerie Plame's name was leaked but also how the administration went about shifting responsibility from the White House to the CIA for having included 16 words in the 2003 State of the Union address about Iraqi efforts to acquire uranium from Africa."

Senator Roberts' announcement that his Committee will examine the Fitzgerald probe is shorthand to Fitz that the WH is about to play the Iran/Contra trump card. Roberts will call the culpable parties before his Senate Intelligence Committee, grant them immunity from criminal charges in exchange for their testimony, and leave Fitz with only non-testifiers to go after. It follows that anyone else with possible criminal liability will be granted a presidential pardon.

Folks this is a replay from the Iran/Contra case. The Supreme Court precedent is there to justify doing it again. Recall that Casper Weinberger and 5 others were slated for trial, and all were pardoned -- upheld by the SCOTUS on the basis of Congressional immunity for their testimony.

Fitz needs to get out the indictments ASAP, and ratchet up political pressure on Roberts' Committee not to grant immunity to those involved. Fitz already knows this. I suspect he has been trying to build the irrefutable case against Rove, Cheney and possibly Bush to make it politically impossible for Bush to issue pardons.

The WH knows the truth, knows who is criminally liable, and is trying to hold all of its supporters in line.The real question is "who has rolled over for Fitz?" When it becomes known who has already rolled over, the line to cooperate and negotiate a plea at Fitz Office should grow much longer. But to get to the evildoers at the top, Fitz has to manage the Iran/Contra defense and pardons which will surely be rolled out by this WH.

Some really important terms to remember in the coming days are "sealed indictments" and "unindicted co-conspirators" and "congressional immunity from criminal charges" and "pardon".

Fitzgerald knows what happened as does the Bush WH. It is all a question of how the cards are played as to who comes out on top. In the end, all the cards will be revealed -- but will there be any consequences for the evildoers?

Put on your seatbelts, the race is on!


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