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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Announced Plan to Withdraw Troops -- Don't Believe it!

Recent newsreports about the Bush Administration's plans to make substantial troop withdrawals from Iraq in the Spring of 2006 accomplish several purposes for the Bush WH.

The supposed troop withdrawal would occur just prior to mid-term elections in 2006, and give Repubs something to trumpet in their attempt to counter anti-war sentiment during re-election campaigns across the country.

The stated intention to withdraw troops allows a fallback position when troop levels are actually increased because of necessity. You can hear them now --"we planned all along to bring the troops home, but now circumstances won't let us."

It is picked up by those they want to get the message -- insurgents and Iranians. If Dick Cheney has his way, we will be invading Iran before then from newly constructed air bases in Uzbekistan and other bordering arab countries. Don't forget we are still constructing at last count no less than fourteen(14) military bases inside Iraq -- which for all intents appear to be permanent in nature.

As more troops are required to accomplish the neo-cons' goals of dominating this oil rich strategic area, Bush will use his stated desire to bring troops home to temper criticism of his decision to institute a "temporary" military draft. (Using "temporary" in this case would appear to be used in the same way it was used to justify imposition of an income tax in this country, and you see that it is still around today).

These and other advantages accrue to the Bush WH and neo-cons as a result of using this announced intention to withdraw troops.

Bush to Fitz: The Race is on re: Iran/Contra Defense & Pardons For All

This quote from WP today is what has forced Bush's hand:

". . .special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald has asked not only about how CIA operative Valerie Plame's name was leaked but also how the administration went about shifting responsibility from the White House to the CIA for having included 16 words in the 2003 State of the Union address about Iraqi efforts to acquire uranium from Africa."

Senator Roberts' announcement that his Committee will examine the Fitzgerald probe is shorthand to Fitz that the WH is about to play the Iran/Contra trump card. Roberts will call the culpable parties before his Senate Intelligence Committee, grant them immunity from criminal charges in exchange for their testimony, and leave Fitz with only non-testifiers to go after. It follows that anyone else with possible criminal liability will be granted a presidential pardon.

Folks this is a replay from the Iran/Contra case. The Supreme Court precedent is there to justify doing it again. Recall that Casper Weinberger and 5 others were slated for trial, and all were pardoned -- upheld by the SCOTUS on the basis of Congressional immunity for their testimony.

Fitz needs to get out the indictments ASAP, and ratchet up political pressure on Roberts' Committee not to grant immunity to those involved. Fitz already knows this. I suspect he has been trying to build the irrefutable case against Rove, Cheney and possibly Bush to make it politically impossible for Bush to issue pardons.

The WH knows the truth, knows who is criminally liable, and is trying to hold all of its supporters in line.The real question is "who has rolled over for Fitz?" When it becomes known who has already rolled over, the line to cooperate and negotiate a plea at Fitz Office should grow much longer. But to get to the evildoers at the top, Fitz has to manage the Iran/Contra defense and pardons which will surely be rolled out by this WH.

Some really important terms to remember in the coming days are "sealed indictments" and "unindicted co-conspirators" and "congressional immunity from criminal charges" and "pardon".

Fitzgerald knows what happened as does the Bush WH. It is all a question of how the cards are played as to who comes out on top. In the end, all the cards will be revealed -- but will there be any consequences for the evildoers?

Put on your seatbelts, the race is on!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Is Uncle Dick in Big Trouble?

The Bush Official which may be in the most trouble may not be Rove, but rather "Uncle Dick".

((Anyone have any quotes by Cheney on the Plame scandal??))

Cheney may have orchestrated the whole thing on his own, and Rove might have stepped in and tried to create protection for WH by cultivating journalists as fake planted sources.Notice the distance b/t Rove and Cheney?

Bush has a real problem, who does he love more -- "Uncle Dick" who got him all the money deals with oil and defense contractors, or "Turdblossom" who tried to fix the problem and is the brains behind the WH. ("It's hard")!

"Uncle Dick" soon will likely be unavailable to Fitz and the grand jury because he is working out of his undisclosed underground bunker on national security, or his health may take a turn for the worse which will not allow him to answer questions which might cause him stress. And don't rule out new military action in Syria and/or Iran as a reason for not having time to cooperate.

The turmoil behind the scenes at the WH may be whether those outside the neo-con cabal have cooperated with Fitzgerald and given up those inside the neo-con cabal. My money is on Powell, who was caught redhanded with the memo in his hand on the plane to Africa with Bush Officials, as the cooperator with Fitz. Powell is not going to put his behind on the line to save these neo-con nuts who shut him out of all policy and planning for the Iraq war -- but used him to put out trumped up phony evidence to the UN in support of a resolution for war on Iraq.

If this scenario is true, you can bet that neither Rove nor Cheney is willing to take the fall -- and a power struggle behind the figurehead President is playing out even as we speak.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

What is Fox News Up To?

A few thoughts.

Fox reporting on the Rove Scandal is not surprising. It is THE story right now, has caught the public's attention, and their typical audience of rightwingers are tuning into the rest of the MSM now that the WH press corp has shown signs of life on this issue.

First, It is about marketshare.

Second, we all know there is a direct line between Rove and RNC to Fox News. What is going on now with this type of report is "conditioning" of the troops to accept the inevitable -- Rove is going to have to resign.

Third, the typical rightwing neocon response to being caught redhanded doing exactly what they denied they were doing is to find a sacrificial lamb to offer up to the public, and claim absolution for the sins of all the other culpable characters. Same as Abu Graib, say it was a few low level soldiers that dreamed up the abuse, find them guilty, and absolve everyone else higher up. Here if Rove's resignation is inevitable, might as well make him the scapegoat and claim everyone else is in the clear.

Fourth, Bush & Company did not adopt the strategy of stonewalling because they suddenly respect the criminal investigation process. They know what is coming -- and the best case scenario is Rove resigns("for the good of the country") and they put space between Rove and the rest of the WH.When Scottie is non-responsive for three straight days to WH press corp questions, and cannot bring himself to say Rove's name in expressing the President's continuing support of Rove you know this is serious. When the President suddenly clams up after making numerous statements in support of Rove in the last 2 years, and tough talk about how he would fire leakers, then you know it is serious.

Fox News has been given the bad news, is trying to help manage the WH solution to this problem as they always do, and is trying to keep their "loyal Repub viewers" after this whole fiasco comes out.A common principle in damage control is to be first to address the bad stuff before a prosecutor announces the goods on your guy. It gives you a chance to "spin" what is to come, but not yet announced to the public.

If Fitzgerald hits other WH officials (like Bush, Cheney, Rummy etal) this could be a real disaster for the "true believer rightwingers" because it hits the issue of national security which is so dear to their hearts. A watergate-like exposure of this WH could hit Fox News like a ton of bricks -- so Fox News is already in survival mode by adopting this line of appearing to recognize reality.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

What Really Worries the White House Is Not the Rove Revelations

What really has the WH worried is not the Rove revelations -- but rather the fear(likely well-founded) that Fitzgerald has hooked up with a modern day "deep throat" inside the WH who is feeding the really damaging dirt on this corrupt Administration.
Rove is a political advisor. He can informally advise without the title, the salary, and an office in the WH.
The real threat is that of a "mole" inside the WH, and you can bet that there have been several intensive internal sweeps to smoke him/her out.The biggest problem in locating the mole is they already made so many enemies demanding lockstep loyalty to corrupt leaders, everyone inside the WH is a suspect.
There was a rumor that Colin Powell was believed to be a "mole", unhappy about having been hung out to dry in peddling false accusations to the UN to justify war on Iraq, creating a permanent stain on his exemplary military career record. His conduct since leaving the Administration has been mixed, which is not good enough for Bush/Cheney/Rummy/Rove. They are particularly vexed over his failure to endorse Bolton as Bush's nominee to the UN Ambassador post.
Smart money is on someone else passing the dirt on to a media source with the condition that it be perserved, but not revealed, until a future date -- because as soon as it is revealed, by its very nature the source will be outed.
Conscience is the most likely reason a "mole" has been created inside the WH. We have to hope that the "dirt" being passed is "gold" as far as content, accuracy and verifiability are concerned, and that the source will remain undiscovered and unidentified until the day the revelations are made public.
Also unlike the Woodward/Deep Throat situation, we hope the mole has multiple copies of his information stored in multiple locations, and a backup plan for the information to be distributed to more than one media outlet in the event of his disappearance and/or death.
As we watch the WH clam up over the Rove allegations, we should ask "What is the WH really afraid of coming out?" It is more than Rove. Much more.

Friday, July 01, 2005

How to Identify Bush Nominees for SCOTUS

First identify factors, then assign weight, multiply and read result. It is that easy!

Factors: Must be a Republican(the right kind of Republican), Pro-Corp/Business, Pro-Fundamentalist Christian, Anti-Environment, Pro Neo-Con (view of world as our own treasure box to be opened with our military by divine right), Pro NRA, Anti-Abortion, Anti-Stem Cell, Particularly Pro-Oil, Pro-Pharmaceutical, Pro-Banking and Insurance, Anti-Consumer, Pro Globalization, Pro Draft with appropriate exceptions for the rich and their kids, Pro No Bid Contracts for their friends and buddies, Pro Activist Justices in favor of the conservative agenda, Anti-voting rights, Anti-Campaign Finance Reform, Pro Labor Exploitation, Anti-New Deal Programs, Pro Rights and Privileges Contraction in favor of Security, Pro Constitutional dismantlement, and Pro End of term limits for Republican Presidents and Congressmen. And finally, someone with a definable record on the above so he gets the SCOTUS justice his contributors and supporters bought and paid for.

Did I leave anything out??

Weight: Apply 1 point for each of the above.

Of course no one potential nominee is likely to embody each of the above factors. The selected nominee will only have to agree to follow all the above to get the job.

After all, George learned how this is done when his daddy(G.H.W.B.) deep sixed his own abortion stand to become Ronald Reagan's VP. Some people can become anything to get what they want -- should definitely be a quality of Bush's nominee for SCOTUS.

Another approach to identifying the Bush nominee for SCOTUS is to imagine a bad nominee, then add a dozen or more bad attributes to this person, then make a lack of conscience a requirement -- and presto! You have Bush's nominee!!