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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Repubs See Disaster Looming

Cracks in the unified Republican Party are breaking out all over.

While some Republicans are beginning to oppose strict party line votes in line with George W. Bush's positions, it is now clear that all of the members of the GOP are looking at the polls of public opinion and they are terrified.

They see a complete disaster waiting for them at the polls of the next election. But what really scares them, is they know what terrible secrets have been hidden by the Republican Party's control of both Houses and the White House, and once they lose their majority the power to investigate these abuses will be in the hands of the Democrats and Independents. Uncovering the shocking abuses will take years, and all that time the abuses will be fully exposed on a daily basis for public to see.

Public outrage will be inconsolable. A needless war, 1700+ lives losts, our treasury looted by war profiteers, government, corporate and individual corruption on an unprecedented scale, lies and threats, destroying our military readiness and diplomatic standing in the world, all consequences that will be felt for the next 20 years or more as we attempt to right the ship of our government and restore democracy.

The only hope to turn around public opinion and save some Republican seats is to adopt the contrary positions revealed by the polls. So if you are a Repub who has voted in lockstep with Karl Rove and George Bush for the last five years, and helped perpetuate these immoral and unethical practices, how do you switch sides to save your hide? First you plead ignorance, then find a scapegoat, and pray others who acted more egregiously than you will pull all of the public's attention.

Look for more congressmen to adopt the approach of Representative Walter Jones(R-NC), who recently has spoken out against the war and asked the Administration to set out a timetable to bring the troops home. (This from the same Representative who heralded "Freedom Fries" to criticize France for not supporting Bush's war). His justification for switching sides and withdrawing loyalty to George W. Bush? First, he did not know. His ignorance of the true state of affairs misled him, and he voted for a war which he would not vote for today. Second, and this is important, he is the first Republican member of Congress to come out and publicly finger the "NeoCons" in the Administration who dreamed up this war and promoted it over the objections of the intelligence community and the military leaders. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton, and other NeoCons are in for it.

This may be hard to believe, but expect more of the same from Republicans over the next three years as they try to ressurrect their image and hope the voting public will forget about all the egregious conduct they engaged in over the last five years.

As George W. Bush continues to take his marching orders from the far right fundamentalists, and from NeoCons who dream of taking on Iran and N. Korea next in hopes of forging a world empire, he will become more isolated from the majority of Republicans in Congress.

George W. Bush is not only a "lame duck" President with three years to go, he is a "dead duck" and so is his agenda of dismantling Social Security, and reforming the tax code to benefit his corporate buddies.

So Republicans in Congress have some difficult backtracking to do in a short amount of time.

However, having George W. Bush in office provides them with a hoped for "get out of jail free card." Turning on Bush and voting to impeach him may be enough to convince voters that they themselves were not responsible, and that they should be returned to Congress. In most cases this will not be true, but that will be their arguments.

The one thing that Democrats and Independents must do is ignore the cries for mercy by Republicans until after all the dirty laundry has been exposed and all of the damaging laws passed by this Administration have been repealed.

That is the only way to restore integrity and make sure this country never has to live through this kind of nightmare again.


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