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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ohio Corruption Poster Child for Washington D.C.

One of the frequently used phrases from the Watergate era is "what did he know and when did he know it?"

In Ohio we find a situation where the Republican Governor's Office received an email back in October of 2004 informing him that all of the State's Workmen's Comp funds invested with MDL Investments had been lost, and the fund was without value.

According to the reporting by the Toledo Blade, the Governor previously made a statement that he just recently found out about the loss of invested funds while he was looking into another loss of $10-20 million in rare coin investment fiasco.

Hmmm ... if you take the Governor's explanation at face value, no one in his office tells him anything. Sounds strangely familiar.... like the defense put up by CEO Bernie Ebbers of Worldcom. Ignorance of what is going on, yeah that is the ticket!

But if you dig deeper you begin to see how the investment schemes using public funds are tied directly to individuals with strong ties to Republican politics.

And what do you make of waiting over eight months to try and recover the losses from those responsible. Sounds like a page right out of the Tom Delay playbook. Conceal, obscure, and then delay as long as possible hoping that the public will lose interest.

Corruption with the added spice of arrogance tends to be impossible to keep quiet forever. Arrogance causes those with their hands on all the levers of power to think they are invincible, which leads to sloppiness, which leads to public exposure, and eventually to reputiation by the public at the ballot box.

When corruption is exposed in the daylight it cannot stand. However, as long as people governed and the media are willing to look the other way, corruption will not only thrive but grow.

We can only hope that this public exposure of corruption in Ohio by the Toledo Blade will cause the media to reawaken in Washington D.C. and do their job of seeking out the truth from President Bush and his cohorts.


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