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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Military Draft Concerns Front and Center

Simmering just below the surface of our American consciousness is the possible redeployment of a military draft.

Now that the Washington Post and other MSM outlets are acknowledging the possibility of a draft, it definitely increases the likelihood that an actual draft will take place. In fact, the proper classification should be one of probablity rather than possibility. When, rather than if, a military draft will resume.

What is driving the present concern about reinstituting a military draft?

The answer is undeniable facts in the public domain. Where facts are readily accessible to the public, the "spinmeisters" of the present Administration have a much more difficult time misleading the public. They are not entitled to their own version of the facts. Consider the following:

Fact #1: Military commanders have publicly stated we do not have enough troops on the ground to control the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Fact #2: Military enlistees whose commitments ran out years ago cannot be held much longer under this President's "stop loss" order.
Fact #3: National Guardsmen and Reservists have been "activated" and sent to Iraq to perform duties for which they were poorly trained, or not trained at all.
Fact #4: Military recruitment into the armed services has fallen short of the required goals over the last 4 months to maintain the present troop levels.
Fact #5: Not only are officers retiring from the service in record numbers, but retirees are refusing to enter the Guard or Reserves as most have in the past.
Fact #6: When we were not involved in Iraq or Afghanistan, our military leaders required a minimum level of ready troops to meet threats in Iran, North Korea or elsewhere in the world. Our level of ready troops to deploy to any of these hot spots is decimated.
Fact #7: Recruiting for an all volunteer military during a time of war is incredibly difficult and invariably leads to the type of recruiter misconduct reported recently, so egregious in nature that the Army shut down recruiting across the nation for a full day of retraining.
Fact #8: Congress has appropriated millions in funding for the Selective Service System to be revived, and has instructed it to fully staff all draft boards and be ready to implement a draft immediately.
Fact #9: There has been introduction of bills on Capitol Hill to reinstitute the draft immediately.
Fact #10: As our allies, cited as the "coalition of the willing", continue to withdraw their troops from Iraq, the U.S. must make up for loss of troops with its own troops.
Fact #11: It is clear that this Admination does not view diplomatic action as a viable means to accomplishing their goals, and therefore military force is the only alternative.
Fact #12: Changing the name of the "draft" to a more pleasant sounding "inventory of skills" does not change the reality of a draft.
Fact 13#: Activating the Ready Reserve should be the last warning sign before a draft is reinstituted, since most Ready Reserve members are of advanced age, have been out of the military, and done no training in many years. Desperation in finding warm bodies is a precursor to redeploying the draft.
Fact #14: The Administration continues to state unequivocally that there will be no military draft. It fits in nicely with their past history of saying one thing and doing the opposite, especially where it is obvious that honesty requires us to never say "never" when it comes to a draft.
Fact #15: Opinion polls clearly show that the public has finally turned against the war in Iraq "as not being worth it." As the dead and injured return from service in Iraq, they are telling their stories, which leads to a lack of will to continue this Vietnam type of war. The natural result is reduced recruitment into the military and reserves.
Fact #16: Over 5,000 military have gone AWOL rather than return to Iraq.
Fact #17: The US has entered into an agreement with Canada that US military citizens will not be allowed to stay in Canada, but rather extradicted back to the US for processing.
Fact #18: The cutting back of medical benefits and pay for military and their families has reduced the attractiveness of enlisting.
Fact #19: In light of the budget deficits this Administration has run up, it cannot afford to pay high enough economic incentives to encourage enlistment.
Fact #20: President Bush has stated consistently that we are in Iraq for "however long it takes", without setting out any kind of plan for withdrawal.

As stories begin to be reported in the MSM regarding a possible draft, it is likely that these are the first "trial balloons" the Administration is sending up as it conditions the American public to accept a military draft.

Forget the spin, and ignore what this Administration says about a military draft.

The facts, and only the facts, clearly lead to only one conclusion.

There will be a military draft which will include our kids, our spouses, and family members of draftable age, 18-25 years of age, or possibly older.

And as an added bonus ... women will likely be included in the next military draft under a provisio that they not be deployed in a combat status. However, they can still drive trucks and be deployed in military facilities each of which are presently being bombed in Iraq daily.

God help us all.


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