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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Follow The Money ......

In exposing the corruption inherent in the present Administration, it is clear that one must follow the money.

The Abramoff lobbying scandal with Tom Delay and others is littered with cash. The Ohio Coingate scandal was just the tip of the iceberg where $10-12 million was lost. Just a little digging by the Toledo Blade turned up losses of $225 million in hedge fund investments of state workers compensation funds, all managed by Repub contributors, lobbyists, and friends. The no bid contracts with Halliburton, KBR, and other Bush buddies led to the inability to account for over $8 BILLION dollars in Iraq. Over $12 Billion was handed out in cash just days before handing over authority to the new Iraqi government -- and no one knows where it went, or what it was used to purchase.

Where political ideology and religious extremism are put forth as the basis for otherwise corrupt actions, always .... always .... follow the money. Repubican leadership continues to wrap themselves in the flag and espouse fervent religious beliefs, but in the end it is always about who gets paid and who gets the shaft.

And to all those citizens who thought it would be a good idea to identify with rich Republicans by voting for them in the last two elections -- "how's it working out for you?"


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