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Friday, June 24, 2005

Fight Back Now--Things are Worse Than They Seem

Let's review.

Paul Krugman got it right: "The United States will soon have to start reducing force levels in Iraq, or risk seeing the volunteer Army collapse. . . ."

So reality is closing in on Repubs who promote the "we are making good progress" and "there will be no draft" campaign. Repubs insist they are entitled to their own version of the "facts" because they only have to come up with an idea of "facts" they believe support their illusions in order to "create their own reality." Bull hockey!

Enlargement of the insurgency in Iraq is a fact. Increasing numbers of deaths of our soldiers and Iraqi civilians is a fact. Continuous use of national guard and reserve troops, multiple tours of combat duty, and stop loss orders which keep our troops fighting long beyond their dicharge dates, are decimating our troops. Military Officers on the ground, and overseeing our efforts in Iraq, are speaking out to contradict the rosy predictions of this Administration. And failure to recruit adequate replacements into our military are facts.

It stands to reason that reviving a military draft cannot be far behind if we continue on this same course.

Ok answer this question: "How many inquiries have been initiated by this Administration into billions of missing dollars and war profiteering in Iraq?".
We will make it easy for you, just choose the correct answer from the choices below: (A) One or More
(B) None.
Times up. The correct answer is (B) NONE.

So over $8.8 billion cannot be accounted for, and over $12 billion was handed out in cash just before "authority" was handed over to the new Iraqi government, and over $300 billion of taxpayer money has been appropriated for the war in Iraq. These are the facts. (Query: Why do our troops still lack adequate equipment and body armor if the taxpayers coughed up $300 billion dollars for this effort?).

Sounds like tax reform has already begun!

This Administration wants to permanently end the taxation of generational wealth transfers by eliminating an estate tax that affects less than 1% of the richest population, and eliminate taxation of investment wealth. What does this mean? If you have a huge amount of wealth to transfer to your kids it will go to them tax free at your death, and prior to that time you will pay no tax on your investment returns on that wealth. In the meantime, you may soak up all the benefits of living and doing business in the US without paying any of the costs. It fits in nicely with the Leona Helmsley view of the world "taxes are for little people." Except in this case, taxes are only for those who work for a living and do not have their very own lobbyist carving out tax cuts for them.

Can there be any more damning evidence of almost total corruption on Capital Hill as this Administration and their henchmen sell access and government contracts to the highest bidders? The Abramoff corruption scandal should be the lead story and beginning point for any true journalist to follow the money to the names and faces of those bought and paid for, many times in cold hard cash, by corporate and special interest groups. (Helpful Hint: Start with Tom Delay and "Duke" Cunningham).

So where is our "fourth estate" news media, as contemplated in our constitution?
Virtually silent and missing in action, except on the internet and in news outlets outside of the US.

How do you ignore the Downing Street Memos and related docs and still maintain journalistic integrity? You don't. Corporate consolidation of the media has killed journalistic integrity.

Worse when it comes to matters of public health and welfare, the news media in the US has given this Administration a free pass by not only failing to ask crucial questions, but has actively engaged in supporting this Administration's propaganda on important issues like global warming, defunding of welfare and education programs, social security, and medical insurance availability.

In some cases the Administration hires their own production crews to create "news reporting" and distributes the product to the news media for play as journalism. We now know that those writing and presenting the propaganda were paid directly by the Administration with taxpayer funds to be the shills. And they admit it!

The stain of CBS killing the 60 Minutes tobacco story some years ago is nothing compared to the stain of ABC reediting and changing the conclusions of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s well researched paper on the link between thimerosal in childhood vaccines and the rise in cases of childhood autism. It could not be any clearer where the influence to kill and change the conclusion of the story originated -- drug companies who stand to make millions on suppression of the truth(who by the way advertised during the showing of the reedited piece). Outrageous.

Folks we are in a world of trouble. If everything changed today it would still be decades before we could fix the damage that Repubs have inflicted on our country and its citizens in their manic pursuit of unbridled wealth and power for themselves and their friends.

The first step to recovery is to admit we have a problem with this Administration. The second step is to speak the truth about the situation in which we find ourselves. Step three is remove those responsible, and demand accountability from those who take their place.

Continue to speak out to news organizations and demonstrate in large numbers. It worked in the '60s with the Vietnam War and Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal.

Meet every false statement with the truth, and keep repeating it until your response gets noticed.

Move to hold your elected representative accountable for not speaking out and acting on your country's behalf. To remain silent while all of this is going on is to be complicit with the wrongdoing.

Demand full disclosure by this Administration, and if it is not received immediately and completely, initiate impeachment proceedings against the President who is ultimately responsible for everything done by Repubs on his watch.

Demand that Democrats not only investigate and disclose the corruption of this Administration, but that they hold their own to the same standards. And if Democrats are afraid of what they might be accused of by Repubs, remind them that the price of a free and democratic government under our constitution sometimes requires that they lose their jobs rather than continue to support corrupt practices.

In short, we are in for the battle of our lives in so many ways. The time to fight is now. Don't back down. There can be no government of, by and for the people where corruption and greed and lying are the standard.

Your country needs you. Let's begin.


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