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Monday, June 27, 2005

Corruption & Greed & CHINA Equals Demise of USA

Historians of America where are you in our time of need?

Historians may yet perform the greatest service to our country that we could imagine.
How so? By reminding us of the conditions and thinking that led to the downfall of the world's greatest powers, and pointing out that the United States is far along on the same track to meeting the same outcome.

What could we possibly have in common with the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the world's greatest power at the time?

Corruption and greed at the highest levels of government dismantled the world's dominant power.

Historians know corruption that favors the advancement of a wealthy elite, and their insatiable greed, inevitably leads to decisions that are not in the interest of the common good. Decisions not in the common good lead to a weakened government and weakened exercise of political and military power, and invite natural rivals and enemies to exploit those weaknesses. The end result is demise of government, loss of legitimacy, loss of power to perserve strategic alliances and economic alliances. Essentially, impotency in meeting any challenge, and loss of all those institutions that give a government the power to not only influence the world around them, but defend itself.

Fastforward to the present.

Our representative form of government based upon democratic principles is gravely wounded. Corruption and graft at every level of government in favor of wealthy elites and corporate interests are wounds that may in and of themselves bring down our government.

But the real danger is that gravely wounded, our country and our way of life are now squarely in the crosshairs of our rivals and enemies. China has a well-defined strategy to bring the USA to heel under its exercise of power, and they are using our weaknesses of corruption and greed against us. Thus, we are cooperating in our own demise.

How could a technologically inferior country, with over 220 million surplus workers looking for a job, become our landlord and ruler?

First, China has been stockpiling US dollars and US IOUs in the form of debt instruments. The capital to buy US debt comes from the horrific trade deficits we have with China which continues every month without response by our government. So basically China uses Wallmart and other multinational companies to export billions more in cheap goods to the US than it buys, and uses those extra dollars it receives from the consumers in the US to buy US debt and dollars. In short, they are using our own dollars to buy us -- and we continue to be a party to our own demise. Greed by consumers searching for the lowest price possible.

Second, once China owns enough US debt and enough US dollars, they possess the power to influence US decisionmaking by the threat that it could dump them on the world market and destroy out economy. Interest rates would skyrocket as the debt instruments we have been selling each month are no longer purchased, capital would dry up, businesses would contract, massive job loss would ensue, and "depression" would be a mild term for describing the situation.

Third, once China gains the power and influence to direct US decisionmaking through the threat of destroying the economy, it can then begin to take over the economy by using those same dollars to acquire our assets and companies.

This is where we are today.

China is using their dollars to bid for UNOCAL, one of the worlds largest oil companies with a worldwide distribution network. If this purchase is allowed to go through, China will use UNOCAL to compete with the US at every turn for the valuable commodity of oil, which will continue to become more scarce with each passing year. Not only a competitor, but a controller of the flow of natural resources upon which our economy is dependent.

When the shareholders of UNOCAL are presented with the choice of taking the Chinese offer at a higher price than the US Chevron offer for UNOCAL at a lower price, which do you think they will pick? Greed for profit over well-being of our country. And this is the first major acquisition as China tests the waters.

Would we have been willing to sell war arms and goods to Hitler and Nazi Germany during WWII if they offered the highest price, and we had not been attacked by Japan? There are some deals that cannot be decided upon the mere price paid.

Fourth, China is diverting a substantial amount of its increased wealth into creating a huge and technologically advanced military. This ramp up began in 1999 and today makes US support of Taiwan virtually impossible. The irony of the situation is that China has used an extensive spy network to steal US technology about our military power and copy it in producing its own military power. If a conflict results we will be fighting against our own technology.

Five, China knows that once it has control of the US economy it will run the US government. Exploitation of campaign contribution finance laws will allow them to substantially control who gets elected, and as a result the actions and inactions of our government. The last nail in coffin for representational democracy.

So how does this relate to the fall of the Roman Empire? History shows once a great power believes it is immune to attack, its greed and corruption destroys it from the inside out. Evidence of this in the US can be found in outsourced jobs and sales of technology to China in pursuit of the profit that our elite and corporate interests seek in servicing millions of Chinese consumers. (Note the sale of IBM personal computers business to China's Lenovo). Billions are being made by a relatively few. Driven by corruption and greed, we are destroying not only our own economy and government, but the role the US has played in the world since the end of WWII to stand for freedom and democracy.

This is not a partisan issue. This is not a Republican v. Democrat fight. This is about the power of corruption and greed to mortally wound our country, and the action that must be taken immediately for our way of life to survive.

If our elected representatives in Washington refuse to meet these obvious challenges facing us, they deserve to be driven out of office through legal process while we still have a chance of reclaiming our country. Otherwise, they will share direct responsibility for the fall of our country. And their legacy in history books will read "they were responsible for allowing the fall of the United States to take place on their watch."


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