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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bush Stays on Message When Proven a Lie

President Bush might as well have sent out a tape recorder last night, and turned in early for a good night's sleep.

There was nothing new in his speech.

He did stay on message and continued to repeat the same line that somehow the cause of Sept 11 was connected to Saddam Hussein, even though that allegation has been proven to be false -- admittedly so by others in his Administration, and he himself. But hey, it worked before and you always go back to what worked in the past when in the midst of a crisis of poll numbers(even if you have to contradict yourself -- I know, I know, he thinks he should get a pass for this inconsistency because he works so hard!).

Staying on message is the Republican art form of one sided communication whereby you repeat the party mantra no matter what the question you are asked. It fits in with their world view that if you repeat something enough times it becomes reality for them, and that is all that matters -- their reality is the only one that counts.

The American people are starting to ask questions about the decisions which have so far cost thousands of lives and bankrupted the public treasury -- to the financial benefit of Bush's oil and corporate buddies. Not a good sign for Repubs when repeating the mantra does not lull the voting public back to sleep.

Also not a good sign that their desperation drives the President and Rove to try and resurrect a proven lie for political gain.

This tells me that all the warning alarms should be going off, because the reality built by neo-con Repubs will not be relinquished without a fight. A crisis is the last political weapon in the arsenal which can be used to rally public support for this presidency.

One other warning sign, when the corrupt corporate interests begin transferring all their wealth offshore and then leaving the country -- we will know the end is near.

The worst may yet be ahead of us -- not only in Iraq, but here at home. In the fairy tale "The Emperor Has No Clothes" no one lost their life for pointing out the obvious. Such is likely not to be the case with this Administration.

We can only hope and pray that there are a few patriots left out there willing to tell the truth about what has been done in the good name of the United States, and continue to speak out without regard for their personal well-being. If they do so, they will not only save our country, but will reveal valuable information that will help of us avoid making these mistakes in the future.


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