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Friday, June 10, 2005

Awake! Before it is too late . . . .

Revelations that should scare you to death (and just may kill you):

*The GOP is moving to raise the age for receipt of Social Security Benefits and limit the amount of benefits that can be drawn.
*25,000 GM jobs leaving the US and going overseas in outsourcing are each worth $22,427 more than each new job being created in the US.
*In the largest corporate-pension fund default in American History, United Airlines filed bankruptcy and received permission from the Bankruptcy Court to terminate it's employees' pension plan, saving it $645 million/yr. The existing underfunded pension fund now will be transferred to the negative $21 billion financially strapped Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. Huge losses to pensioners can be expected.
(Can GM and other corps be far behind in their attempts to get out from under medical costs and pensions costs which they claim are making it impossible to compete with foreign labor which has neither.)
*The House GOP has begun a push to eliminate the maximum limit of $101,400 which an individual may give to federal candidates and parties EACH YEAR. (If
successful, it will make Tom Delay ethics hearings unnecessary, and all the real record keeping will no longer have to be hidden).
*Johnson & Johnson withheld public disclosure of known heart attacks and deaths related to use of its acid reflux medication propulsid and continued to rake in
millions-- with the complicity of the FDA. Hundreds of deaths, and thousands of injuries were not enough to make a public disclosure or pull the drug from the market.
*Military recruitment figures continue to be way below even the new reduced goals.
This makes it four(4) months in a row they are below their goals, and raises the real possibility of a draft as we continue to fight two(2) wars overseas. Lord help us if Bush and the neocons decide to strike Iran or North Korea to "make us safe at home."
*The new Patriot Act will make it possible to search and seize without the necessity
of first providing any reason or evidence in support of the request to a Judge. (We already have the complete stripping of constitutional rights by assigning the label "enemy combatant" to an arrestee -- no notice to family, no right to an attorney, no charges, no access to hearings or judges, and no right to a trial or sentence which sets a release date. Sounds a lot like pages right out of the Stalin playbook -- make them disappear.)
*The White House refuses to answer 89 Members of Congress in regard to the Downing Street Minutes, AND refuses to turn over documents needed by the Senate
to make an informed decision as to confirmation of U.N. Ambassador nominee
Bolton. (Maybe the rest of the world community will give us a break if Bolton is confirmed by just ignoring him when he goes into a shouting and screaming fit stating that the U.N. belongs to the U.S. when we feel like using it, and everyone else is fired and can go home.)
*Bush non-scientist staff edit and change the results of a scientific study of Global Warming, changing the position of those who conducted the research according to scientific analysis. Not to mention the crafting of official U.S. policy by the head of Exxon-Mobile Corporation and other energy company officials.
*Citigroup pays $2.58 billion in settlement with government for its role in perpetuating the Enron scandal, when it had set aside $6.7 billion to cover its projected liability. (Those campaign contributions to the Republicans really paid off this time!).
*Tobacco companies got a reduction in the liability demanded by the government
from $130 billion to $10 billion without explanation from the government -- even the Judge wondered if other influences had affected the government's position. (Hmmm ... the fact that tobacco companies were heavy contributors to the Bush and Republican campaigns could not have anything to do with it, could it?).
*Congressional Republicans plan to cut funding for PBS by 50% after they put "their
man" in charge of rooting out liberal bias.
*Efforts by the SEC are afoot to regulate the internet political bloggers. (Hmmm ..
those pesky bloggers just do not play according to the rules the Republicans set out for the mainstream media, and most are not affected by cash).
*0.01% of the US population is reaping over 15% of all tax breaks, and is looking for more. This is occurring during a time of unprecedented greed: (1)CEOs in the US make approximately 310 times the average wage paid by their company, (2) the average wages of the American worker have remained flat, and (3) there has been an unprecedented explosion of corporate profits over the last nine years while the percentage of income tax paid by corporations has fallen by 50% to about 6% per year.
*Healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, and devastate the uninsured -- who now have the new Bankruptcy Law to make it virtually impossible to get a "clean start"
without making payments and paying court fees over at least 3-5 years. (You will note the Bankruptcy Bill was not supported by even one consumer protection or advocacy group in this country. It was bought and paid for by those who contributed heavily to the Bush and Republican campaigns -- the banks, credit card, and business lobbies.)

Twenty years ago no one would have believed that these events would be taking place today. Believe it. It is happening, and it is picking up speed.

Wake up and make your voice heard -- before it is too late.


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