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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bush Stays on Message When Proven a Lie

President Bush might as well have sent out a tape recorder last night, and turned in early for a good night's sleep.

There was nothing new in his speech.

He did stay on message and continued to repeat the same line that somehow the cause of Sept 11 was connected to Saddam Hussein, even though that allegation has been proven to be false -- admittedly so by others in his Administration, and he himself. But hey, it worked before and you always go back to what worked in the past when in the midst of a crisis of poll numbers(even if you have to contradict yourself -- I know, I know, he thinks he should get a pass for this inconsistency because he works so hard!).

Staying on message is the Republican art form of one sided communication whereby you repeat the party mantra no matter what the question you are asked. It fits in with their world view that if you repeat something enough times it becomes reality for them, and that is all that matters -- their reality is the only one that counts.

The American people are starting to ask questions about the decisions which have so far cost thousands of lives and bankrupted the public treasury -- to the financial benefit of Bush's oil and corporate buddies. Not a good sign for Repubs when repeating the mantra does not lull the voting public back to sleep.

Also not a good sign that their desperation drives the President and Rove to try and resurrect a proven lie for political gain.

This tells me that all the warning alarms should be going off, because the reality built by neo-con Repubs will not be relinquished without a fight. A crisis is the last political weapon in the arsenal which can be used to rally public support for this presidency.

One other warning sign, when the corrupt corporate interests begin transferring all their wealth offshore and then leaving the country -- we will know the end is near.

The worst may yet be ahead of us -- not only in Iraq, but here at home. In the fairy tale "The Emperor Has No Clothes" no one lost their life for pointing out the obvious. Such is likely not to be the case with this Administration.

We can only hope and pray that there are a few patriots left out there willing to tell the truth about what has been done in the good name of the United States, and continue to speak out without regard for their personal well-being. If they do so, they will not only save our country, but will reveal valuable information that will help of us avoid making these mistakes in the future.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Corruption & Greed & CHINA Equals Demise of USA

Historians of America where are you in our time of need?

Historians may yet perform the greatest service to our country that we could imagine.
How so? By reminding us of the conditions and thinking that led to the downfall of the world's greatest powers, and pointing out that the United States is far along on the same track to meeting the same outcome.

What could we possibly have in common with the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the world's greatest power at the time?

Corruption and greed at the highest levels of government dismantled the world's dominant power.

Historians know corruption that favors the advancement of a wealthy elite, and their insatiable greed, inevitably leads to decisions that are not in the interest of the common good. Decisions not in the common good lead to a weakened government and weakened exercise of political and military power, and invite natural rivals and enemies to exploit those weaknesses. The end result is demise of government, loss of legitimacy, loss of power to perserve strategic alliances and economic alliances. Essentially, impotency in meeting any challenge, and loss of all those institutions that give a government the power to not only influence the world around them, but defend itself.

Fastforward to the present.

Our representative form of government based upon democratic principles is gravely wounded. Corruption and graft at every level of government in favor of wealthy elites and corporate interests are wounds that may in and of themselves bring down our government.

But the real danger is that gravely wounded, our country and our way of life are now squarely in the crosshairs of our rivals and enemies. China has a well-defined strategy to bring the USA to heel under its exercise of power, and they are using our weaknesses of corruption and greed against us. Thus, we are cooperating in our own demise.

How could a technologically inferior country, with over 220 million surplus workers looking for a job, become our landlord and ruler?

First, China has been stockpiling US dollars and US IOUs in the form of debt instruments. The capital to buy US debt comes from the horrific trade deficits we have with China which continues every month without response by our government. So basically China uses Wallmart and other multinational companies to export billions more in cheap goods to the US than it buys, and uses those extra dollars it receives from the consumers in the US to buy US debt and dollars. In short, they are using our own dollars to buy us -- and we continue to be a party to our own demise. Greed by consumers searching for the lowest price possible.

Second, once China owns enough US debt and enough US dollars, they possess the power to influence US decisionmaking by the threat that it could dump them on the world market and destroy out economy. Interest rates would skyrocket as the debt instruments we have been selling each month are no longer purchased, capital would dry up, businesses would contract, massive job loss would ensue, and "depression" would be a mild term for describing the situation.

Third, once China gains the power and influence to direct US decisionmaking through the threat of destroying the economy, it can then begin to take over the economy by using those same dollars to acquire our assets and companies.

This is where we are today.

China is using their dollars to bid for UNOCAL, one of the worlds largest oil companies with a worldwide distribution network. If this purchase is allowed to go through, China will use UNOCAL to compete with the US at every turn for the valuable commodity of oil, which will continue to become more scarce with each passing year. Not only a competitor, but a controller of the flow of natural resources upon which our economy is dependent.

When the shareholders of UNOCAL are presented with the choice of taking the Chinese offer at a higher price than the US Chevron offer for UNOCAL at a lower price, which do you think they will pick? Greed for profit over well-being of our country. And this is the first major acquisition as China tests the waters.

Would we have been willing to sell war arms and goods to Hitler and Nazi Germany during WWII if they offered the highest price, and we had not been attacked by Japan? There are some deals that cannot be decided upon the mere price paid.

Fourth, China is diverting a substantial amount of its increased wealth into creating a huge and technologically advanced military. This ramp up began in 1999 and today makes US support of Taiwan virtually impossible. The irony of the situation is that China has used an extensive spy network to steal US technology about our military power and copy it in producing its own military power. If a conflict results we will be fighting against our own technology.

Five, China knows that once it has control of the US economy it will run the US government. Exploitation of campaign contribution finance laws will allow them to substantially control who gets elected, and as a result the actions and inactions of our government. The last nail in coffin for representational democracy.

So how does this relate to the fall of the Roman Empire? History shows once a great power believes it is immune to attack, its greed and corruption destroys it from the inside out. Evidence of this in the US can be found in outsourced jobs and sales of technology to China in pursuit of the profit that our elite and corporate interests seek in servicing millions of Chinese consumers. (Note the sale of IBM personal computers business to China's Lenovo). Billions are being made by a relatively few. Driven by corruption and greed, we are destroying not only our own economy and government, but the role the US has played in the world since the end of WWII to stand for freedom and democracy.

This is not a partisan issue. This is not a Republican v. Democrat fight. This is about the power of corruption and greed to mortally wound our country, and the action that must be taken immediately for our way of life to survive.

If our elected representatives in Washington refuse to meet these obvious challenges facing us, they deserve to be driven out of office through legal process while we still have a chance of reclaiming our country. Otherwise, they will share direct responsibility for the fall of our country. And their legacy in history books will read "they were responsible for allowing the fall of the United States to take place on their watch."

Friday, June 24, 2005

Fight Back Now--Things are Worse Than They Seem

Let's review.

Paul Krugman got it right: "The United States will soon have to start reducing force levels in Iraq, or risk seeing the volunteer Army collapse. . . ."

So reality is closing in on Repubs who promote the "we are making good progress" and "there will be no draft" campaign. Repubs insist they are entitled to their own version of the "facts" because they only have to come up with an idea of "facts" they believe support their illusions in order to "create their own reality." Bull hockey!

Enlargement of the insurgency in Iraq is a fact. Increasing numbers of deaths of our soldiers and Iraqi civilians is a fact. Continuous use of national guard and reserve troops, multiple tours of combat duty, and stop loss orders which keep our troops fighting long beyond their dicharge dates, are decimating our troops. Military Officers on the ground, and overseeing our efforts in Iraq, are speaking out to contradict the rosy predictions of this Administration. And failure to recruit adequate replacements into our military are facts.

It stands to reason that reviving a military draft cannot be far behind if we continue on this same course.

Ok answer this question: "How many inquiries have been initiated by this Administration into billions of missing dollars and war profiteering in Iraq?".
We will make it easy for you, just choose the correct answer from the choices below: (A) One or More
(B) None.
Times up. The correct answer is (B) NONE.

So over $8.8 billion cannot be accounted for, and over $12 billion was handed out in cash just before "authority" was handed over to the new Iraqi government, and over $300 billion of taxpayer money has been appropriated for the war in Iraq. These are the facts. (Query: Why do our troops still lack adequate equipment and body armor if the taxpayers coughed up $300 billion dollars for this effort?).

Sounds like tax reform has already begun!

This Administration wants to permanently end the taxation of generational wealth transfers by eliminating an estate tax that affects less than 1% of the richest population, and eliminate taxation of investment wealth. What does this mean? If you have a huge amount of wealth to transfer to your kids it will go to them tax free at your death, and prior to that time you will pay no tax on your investment returns on that wealth. In the meantime, you may soak up all the benefits of living and doing business in the US without paying any of the costs. It fits in nicely with the Leona Helmsley view of the world "taxes are for little people." Except in this case, taxes are only for those who work for a living and do not have their very own lobbyist carving out tax cuts for them.

Can there be any more damning evidence of almost total corruption on Capital Hill as this Administration and their henchmen sell access and government contracts to the highest bidders? The Abramoff corruption scandal should be the lead story and beginning point for any true journalist to follow the money to the names and faces of those bought and paid for, many times in cold hard cash, by corporate and special interest groups. (Helpful Hint: Start with Tom Delay and "Duke" Cunningham).

So where is our "fourth estate" news media, as contemplated in our constitution?
Virtually silent and missing in action, except on the internet and in news outlets outside of the US.

How do you ignore the Downing Street Memos and related docs and still maintain journalistic integrity? You don't. Corporate consolidation of the media has killed journalistic integrity.

Worse when it comes to matters of public health and welfare, the news media in the US has given this Administration a free pass by not only failing to ask crucial questions, but has actively engaged in supporting this Administration's propaganda on important issues like global warming, defunding of welfare and education programs, social security, and medical insurance availability.

In some cases the Administration hires their own production crews to create "news reporting" and distributes the product to the news media for play as journalism. We now know that those writing and presenting the propaganda were paid directly by the Administration with taxpayer funds to be the shills. And they admit it!

The stain of CBS killing the 60 Minutes tobacco story some years ago is nothing compared to the stain of ABC reediting and changing the conclusions of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s well researched paper on the link between thimerosal in childhood vaccines and the rise in cases of childhood autism. It could not be any clearer where the influence to kill and change the conclusion of the story originated -- drug companies who stand to make millions on suppression of the truth(who by the way advertised during the showing of the reedited piece). Outrageous.

Folks we are in a world of trouble. If everything changed today it would still be decades before we could fix the damage that Repubs have inflicted on our country and its citizens in their manic pursuit of unbridled wealth and power for themselves and their friends.

The first step to recovery is to admit we have a problem with this Administration. The second step is to speak the truth about the situation in which we find ourselves. Step three is remove those responsible, and demand accountability from those who take their place.

Continue to speak out to news organizations and demonstrate in large numbers. It worked in the '60s with the Vietnam War and Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal.

Meet every false statement with the truth, and keep repeating it until your response gets noticed.

Move to hold your elected representative accountable for not speaking out and acting on your country's behalf. To remain silent while all of this is going on is to be complicit with the wrongdoing.

Demand full disclosure by this Administration, and if it is not received immediately and completely, initiate impeachment proceedings against the President who is ultimately responsible for everything done by Repubs on his watch.

Demand that Democrats not only investigate and disclose the corruption of this Administration, but that they hold their own to the same standards. And if Democrats are afraid of what they might be accused of by Repubs, remind them that the price of a free and democratic government under our constitution sometimes requires that they lose their jobs rather than continue to support corrupt practices.

In short, we are in for the battle of our lives in so many ways. The time to fight is now. Don't back down. There can be no government of, by and for the people where corruption and greed and lying are the standard.

Your country needs you. Let's begin.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Follow The Money ......

In exposing the corruption inherent in the present Administration, it is clear that one must follow the money.

The Abramoff lobbying scandal with Tom Delay and others is littered with cash. The Ohio Coingate scandal was just the tip of the iceberg where $10-12 million was lost. Just a little digging by the Toledo Blade turned up losses of $225 million in hedge fund investments of state workers compensation funds, all managed by Repub contributors, lobbyists, and friends. The no bid contracts with Halliburton, KBR, and other Bush buddies led to the inability to account for over $8 BILLION dollars in Iraq. Over $12 Billion was handed out in cash just days before handing over authority to the new Iraqi government -- and no one knows where it went, or what it was used to purchase.

Where political ideology and religious extremism are put forth as the basis for otherwise corrupt actions, always .... always .... follow the money. Repubican leadership continues to wrap themselves in the flag and espouse fervent religious beliefs, but in the end it is always about who gets paid and who gets the shaft.

And to all those citizens who thought it would be a good idea to identify with rich Republicans by voting for them in the last two elections -- "how's it working out for you?"

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Q For Repubs, How Long to Ride Titanic?

It is now clear that the American public is awakening from its slumber, and finds that the needless deaths of its sons and daughters, and the gutting of its treasury by the supporters of this Administration, are unacceptable.

It is about time.

However, many Repubs in Congress continue to follow their "leader" through one scandal after another under the mistaken notion that they have built party loyalty and a machine that is invincible. It should be noted here that moderate Repubs see the coming crisis for what it truly is, and are taking steps to distance themselves from this corrupt Administration.

The question for Repubs of all stripes is "How long do we stay with the Titanic before it goes down?"

In answering this question, it should be clear now that the American people are watching and registering their disapproval in the dismal opinion polls. Each Repub must ask how much the American people will overlook and forgive, which is not likely to be much.

As documented proof of corruption and lies that led us into an unnecessary war continue to surface, congressional Repubs must know that their attempts to coverup will be no more successful than those interposed on behalf of President Nixon in the Watergate scandal.

Some lessons need to be learned more than once. Whitehouse "stonewalling" of legitimate inquiries by Congress will not be successful.

Now is the time to decide. Will you uphold the oath you took to defend the constitution and defend this country from all threats foreign and domestic?

Your actions will tell us all we need to know.

Are you with us or against us?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Repubs See Disaster Looming

Cracks in the unified Republican Party are breaking out all over.

While some Republicans are beginning to oppose strict party line votes in line with George W. Bush's positions, it is now clear that all of the members of the GOP are looking at the polls of public opinion and they are terrified.

They see a complete disaster waiting for them at the polls of the next election. But what really scares them, is they know what terrible secrets have been hidden by the Republican Party's control of both Houses and the White House, and once they lose their majority the power to investigate these abuses will be in the hands of the Democrats and Independents. Uncovering the shocking abuses will take years, and all that time the abuses will be fully exposed on a daily basis for public to see.

Public outrage will be inconsolable. A needless war, 1700+ lives losts, our treasury looted by war profiteers, government, corporate and individual corruption on an unprecedented scale, lies and threats, destroying our military readiness and diplomatic standing in the world, all consequences that will be felt for the next 20 years or more as we attempt to right the ship of our government and restore democracy.

The only hope to turn around public opinion and save some Republican seats is to adopt the contrary positions revealed by the polls. So if you are a Repub who has voted in lockstep with Karl Rove and George Bush for the last five years, and helped perpetuate these immoral and unethical practices, how do you switch sides to save your hide? First you plead ignorance, then find a scapegoat, and pray others who acted more egregiously than you will pull all of the public's attention.

Look for more congressmen to adopt the approach of Representative Walter Jones(R-NC), who recently has spoken out against the war and asked the Administration to set out a timetable to bring the troops home. (This from the same Representative who heralded "Freedom Fries" to criticize France for not supporting Bush's war). His justification for switching sides and withdrawing loyalty to George W. Bush? First, he did not know. His ignorance of the true state of affairs misled him, and he voted for a war which he would not vote for today. Second, and this is important, he is the first Republican member of Congress to come out and publicly finger the "NeoCons" in the Administration who dreamed up this war and promoted it over the objections of the intelligence community and the military leaders. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolton, and other NeoCons are in for it.

This may be hard to believe, but expect more of the same from Republicans over the next three years as they try to ressurrect their image and hope the voting public will forget about all the egregious conduct they engaged in over the last five years.

As George W. Bush continues to take his marching orders from the far right fundamentalists, and from NeoCons who dream of taking on Iran and N. Korea next in hopes of forging a world empire, he will become more isolated from the majority of Republicans in Congress.

George W. Bush is not only a "lame duck" President with three years to go, he is a "dead duck" and so is his agenda of dismantling Social Security, and reforming the tax code to benefit his corporate buddies.

So Republicans in Congress have some difficult backtracking to do in a short amount of time.

However, having George W. Bush in office provides them with a hoped for "get out of jail free card." Turning on Bush and voting to impeach him may be enough to convince voters that they themselves were not responsible, and that they should be returned to Congress. In most cases this will not be true, but that will be their arguments.

The one thing that Democrats and Independents must do is ignore the cries for mercy by Republicans until after all the dirty laundry has been exposed and all of the damaging laws passed by this Administration have been repealed.

That is the only way to restore integrity and make sure this country never has to live through this kind of nightmare again.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Brit "Deep Throat" Exposes Bush Lies

When historians look back on the Bush Administration they will note that the week of June 13, 2005 marks the beginning of the eventual impeachment of President George W. Bush.

They will also note that the key information which brought down President Bush came from a "deep throat" anonymous source in Britain with access to top secret documentation which proves that President Bush lied to Congress, the American people, and the rest of the world, to obtain approval for an unnecessary war on Iraq.

The American Main Stream Media tried to ignore the Downing Street Minutes for over four(4) weeks, but the followup documents released by the anonymous source are so damning that even they find themselves having to address the topic with the President.

Congressmen have begun to speak out and demand answers, and schedule hearings on their own since Republicans in charge refuse to address the matter.

Public opinion polls are reflecting the changing mood in the country regarding the Vietnamlike war in Iraq.

But the proof that President Bush is going down is Republicans are beginning to break ranks and speak out in dissent against President Bush's positions. This would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago, and shows just how bad things are going for the Bush Administration.

Look for more docs to be released by this modern day "deep throat" which will seal the fate of not only George W. Bush, but Tony Blair. The irony is that the information sinking Bush is outside his control in Britain, where questions will continue to be asked and leaks to the media cannot be controlled.

Pull up a seat. This may make Watergate look like a walk in the park.

Public outrage will be inconsolable once the truth comes out.

And when the smoke has cleared, we will owe the Brits a debt of thanks for doing the job that our government and our media failed to do.

Let the hearings begin.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Awake! Before it is too late . . . .

Revelations that should scare you to death (and just may kill you):

*The GOP is moving to raise the age for receipt of Social Security Benefits and limit the amount of benefits that can be drawn.
*25,000 GM jobs leaving the US and going overseas in outsourcing are each worth $22,427 more than each new job being created in the US.
*In the largest corporate-pension fund default in American History, United Airlines filed bankruptcy and received permission from the Bankruptcy Court to terminate it's employees' pension plan, saving it $645 million/yr. The existing underfunded pension fund now will be transferred to the negative $21 billion financially strapped Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. Huge losses to pensioners can be expected.
(Can GM and other corps be far behind in their attempts to get out from under medical costs and pensions costs which they claim are making it impossible to compete with foreign labor which has neither.)
*The House GOP has begun a push to eliminate the maximum limit of $101,400 which an individual may give to federal candidates and parties EACH YEAR. (If
successful, it will make Tom Delay ethics hearings unnecessary, and all the real record keeping will no longer have to be hidden).
*Johnson & Johnson withheld public disclosure of known heart attacks and deaths related to use of its acid reflux medication propulsid and continued to rake in
millions-- with the complicity of the FDA. Hundreds of deaths, and thousands of injuries were not enough to make a public disclosure or pull the drug from the market.
*Military recruitment figures continue to be way below even the new reduced goals.
This makes it four(4) months in a row they are below their goals, and raises the real possibility of a draft as we continue to fight two(2) wars overseas. Lord help us if Bush and the neocons decide to strike Iran or North Korea to "make us safe at home."
*The new Patriot Act will make it possible to search and seize without the necessity
of first providing any reason or evidence in support of the request to a Judge. (We already have the complete stripping of constitutional rights by assigning the label "enemy combatant" to an arrestee -- no notice to family, no right to an attorney, no charges, no access to hearings or judges, and no right to a trial or sentence which sets a release date. Sounds a lot like pages right out of the Stalin playbook -- make them disappear.)
*The White House refuses to answer 89 Members of Congress in regard to the Downing Street Minutes, AND refuses to turn over documents needed by the Senate
to make an informed decision as to confirmation of U.N. Ambassador nominee
Bolton. (Maybe the rest of the world community will give us a break if Bolton is confirmed by just ignoring him when he goes into a shouting and screaming fit stating that the U.N. belongs to the U.S. when we feel like using it, and everyone else is fired and can go home.)
*Bush non-scientist staff edit and change the results of a scientific study of Global Warming, changing the position of those who conducted the research according to scientific analysis. Not to mention the crafting of official U.S. policy by the head of Exxon-Mobile Corporation and other energy company officials.
*Citigroup pays $2.58 billion in settlement with government for its role in perpetuating the Enron scandal, when it had set aside $6.7 billion to cover its projected liability. (Those campaign contributions to the Republicans really paid off this time!).
*Tobacco companies got a reduction in the liability demanded by the government
from $130 billion to $10 billion without explanation from the government -- even the Judge wondered if other influences had affected the government's position. (Hmmm ... the fact that tobacco companies were heavy contributors to the Bush and Republican campaigns could not have anything to do with it, could it?).
*Congressional Republicans plan to cut funding for PBS by 50% after they put "their
man" in charge of rooting out liberal bias.
*Efforts by the SEC are afoot to regulate the internet political bloggers. (Hmmm ..
those pesky bloggers just do not play according to the rules the Republicans set out for the mainstream media, and most are not affected by cash).
*0.01% of the US population is reaping over 15% of all tax breaks, and is looking for more. This is occurring during a time of unprecedented greed: (1)CEOs in the US make approximately 310 times the average wage paid by their company, (2) the average wages of the American worker have remained flat, and (3) there has been an unprecedented explosion of corporate profits over the last nine years while the percentage of income tax paid by corporations has fallen by 50% to about 6% per year.
*Healthcare costs continue to skyrocket, and devastate the uninsured -- who now have the new Bankruptcy Law to make it virtually impossible to get a "clean start"
without making payments and paying court fees over at least 3-5 years. (You will note the Bankruptcy Bill was not supported by even one consumer protection or advocacy group in this country. It was bought and paid for by those who contributed heavily to the Bush and Republican campaigns -- the banks, credit card, and business lobbies.)

Twenty years ago no one would have believed that these events would be taking place today. Believe it. It is happening, and it is picking up speed.

Wake up and make your voice heard -- before it is too late.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ohio Corruption Poster Child for Washington D.C.

One of the frequently used phrases from the Watergate era is "what did he know and when did he know it?"

In Ohio we find a situation where the Republican Governor's Office received an email back in October of 2004 informing him that all of the State's Workmen's Comp funds invested with MDL Investments had been lost, and the fund was without value.

According to the reporting by the Toledo Blade, the Governor previously made a statement that he just recently found out about the loss of invested funds while he was looking into another loss of $10-20 million in rare coin investment fiasco.

Hmmm ... if you take the Governor's explanation at face value, no one in his office tells him anything. Sounds strangely familiar.... like the defense put up by CEO Bernie Ebbers of Worldcom. Ignorance of what is going on, yeah that is the ticket!

But if you dig deeper you begin to see how the investment schemes using public funds are tied directly to individuals with strong ties to Republican politics.

And what do you make of waiting over eight months to try and recover the losses from those responsible. Sounds like a page right out of the Tom Delay playbook. Conceal, obscure, and then delay as long as possible hoping that the public will lose interest.

Corruption with the added spice of arrogance tends to be impossible to keep quiet forever. Arrogance causes those with their hands on all the levers of power to think they are invincible, which leads to sloppiness, which leads to public exposure, and eventually to reputiation by the public at the ballot box.

When corruption is exposed in the daylight it cannot stand. However, as long as people governed and the media are willing to look the other way, corruption will not only thrive but grow.

We can only hope that this public exposure of corruption in Ohio by the Toledo Blade will cause the media to reawaken in Washington D.C. and do their job of seeking out the truth from President Bush and his cohorts.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Military Draft Concerns Front and Center

Simmering just below the surface of our American consciousness is the possible redeployment of a military draft.

Now that the Washington Post and other MSM outlets are acknowledging the possibility of a draft, it definitely increases the likelihood that an actual draft will take place. In fact, the proper classification should be one of probablity rather than possibility. When, rather than if, a military draft will resume.

What is driving the present concern about reinstituting a military draft?

The answer is undeniable facts in the public domain. Where facts are readily accessible to the public, the "spinmeisters" of the present Administration have a much more difficult time misleading the public. They are not entitled to their own version of the facts. Consider the following:

Fact #1: Military commanders have publicly stated we do not have enough troops on the ground to control the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Fact #2: Military enlistees whose commitments ran out years ago cannot be held much longer under this President's "stop loss" order.
Fact #3: National Guardsmen and Reservists have been "activated" and sent to Iraq to perform duties for which they were poorly trained, or not trained at all.
Fact #4: Military recruitment into the armed services has fallen short of the required goals over the last 4 months to maintain the present troop levels.
Fact #5: Not only are officers retiring from the service in record numbers, but retirees are refusing to enter the Guard or Reserves as most have in the past.
Fact #6: When we were not involved in Iraq or Afghanistan, our military leaders required a minimum level of ready troops to meet threats in Iran, North Korea or elsewhere in the world. Our level of ready troops to deploy to any of these hot spots is decimated.
Fact #7: Recruiting for an all volunteer military during a time of war is incredibly difficult and invariably leads to the type of recruiter misconduct reported recently, so egregious in nature that the Army shut down recruiting across the nation for a full day of retraining.
Fact #8: Congress has appropriated millions in funding for the Selective Service System to be revived, and has instructed it to fully staff all draft boards and be ready to implement a draft immediately.
Fact #9: There has been introduction of bills on Capitol Hill to reinstitute the draft immediately.
Fact #10: As our allies, cited as the "coalition of the willing", continue to withdraw their troops from Iraq, the U.S. must make up for loss of troops with its own troops.
Fact #11: It is clear that this Admination does not view diplomatic action as a viable means to accomplishing their goals, and therefore military force is the only alternative.
Fact #12: Changing the name of the "draft" to a more pleasant sounding "inventory of skills" does not change the reality of a draft.
Fact 13#: Activating the Ready Reserve should be the last warning sign before a draft is reinstituted, since most Ready Reserve members are of advanced age, have been out of the military, and done no training in many years. Desperation in finding warm bodies is a precursor to redeploying the draft.
Fact #14: The Administration continues to state unequivocally that there will be no military draft. It fits in nicely with their past history of saying one thing and doing the opposite, especially where it is obvious that honesty requires us to never say "never" when it comes to a draft.
Fact #15: Opinion polls clearly show that the public has finally turned against the war in Iraq "as not being worth it." As the dead and injured return from service in Iraq, they are telling their stories, which leads to a lack of will to continue this Vietnam type of war. The natural result is reduced recruitment into the military and reserves.
Fact #16: Over 5,000 military have gone AWOL rather than return to Iraq.
Fact #17: The US has entered into an agreement with Canada that US military citizens will not be allowed to stay in Canada, but rather extradicted back to the US for processing.
Fact #18: The cutting back of medical benefits and pay for military and their families has reduced the attractiveness of enlisting.
Fact #19: In light of the budget deficits this Administration has run up, it cannot afford to pay high enough economic incentives to encourage enlistment.
Fact #20: President Bush has stated consistently that we are in Iraq for "however long it takes", without setting out any kind of plan for withdrawal.

As stories begin to be reported in the MSM regarding a possible draft, it is likely that these are the first "trial balloons" the Administration is sending up as it conditions the American public to accept a military draft.

Forget the spin, and ignore what this Administration says about a military draft.

The facts, and only the facts, clearly lead to only one conclusion.

There will be a military draft which will include our kids, our spouses, and family members of draftable age, 18-25 years of age, or possibly older.

And as an added bonus ... women will likely be included in the next military draft under a provisio that they not be deployed in a combat status. However, they can still drive trucks and be deployed in military facilities each of which are presently being bombed in Iraq daily.

God help us all.