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Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday May 23, 2005

We are living in unprecedented times.

Since the 9/11 attacks, our rights and liberties guaranteed by the constitutiion have been seriously eroded by the radical changes implemented by our government in the name of "the war on terrorism" and providing "national security."

History reveals that when government is not "transparent", or open to examination, there is cause for concern. When government is silent in the face of requests for information by the electorate, there is cause for concern. When government says that it cannot be burdened with extending constitutional protections prior to searching and seizing persons and their property, there is cause for concern. When people may be held indefinitely without charges, access to an attorney, and no court appearance, there is cause for concern.

A revolution is brewing in the United States.

Not to overthrow our government through force or violence, but to seek restoration of representational democracy and the rights and liberties that belong to the people as guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. This is the one and only standard for determining the legitimacy of all governmental actions, and the breadth and extent of the inviolable rights and liberties conferred upon the American people.

The power of the people to "speak the truth to the powers that be" is the most effective weapon in our arsenal, for where governments operate on the basis of lies and deceit and falsehoods, they cannot stand once called out.

However, when men of good conscience sit idly by and remain silent, then and only then will democracy die.

Let us take back our government, because it belongs to us, the American people. It does not belong to the special interest groups, corporations, or the wealthiest who contribute the most money to political campaigns.

Let us demand "our place at the table" and insist that the general welfare and common good of the people once again become the one and only goal of those elected and appointed to represent us.

As the framers of our constitution met to create a legitimate government designed to serve the people, let us also join together to reassert our guaranteed rights and liberties flowing from our constitution, and hold those in power accountable for the exercise of the power which we conferred upon them as our public servants.

Let the revolution begin!


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