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Friday, May 27, 2005

Losing our country ......

The "big picture" of what is taking place in our country, and what is at stake, is succintly set out in the May 26, 2005 post entitled "How to Lose a Country in Seven Easy Steps" ( by Eric Alterman at the Altercation blog at www.msnbc.com). His last paragraphy succintly sums up the reality of the situation we face:

". . .I think we’re losing our Constitution, our civil liberties,
and in many significant respects, our country. When future historians look back on this period, they will wonder,
most of all, I think, how we let it go without a fight."

Those of us who believe in a constitutional form of government must come together to meet the threat, before we are deprived of the powers we possess to hold our government accountable.

We are citizens of a democracy first and last. We should not let arguments based upon the need for security or political ideology convince us to hand over to the present Administration the powers that make us a democracy governed by and for the people.

The alternative is too terrifying to contemplate.


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